Reasons to work with Go yaar

GO YAAR is an interface that connects drivers with empty seats to travelers looking for a ride. We intend to change the scenario of Indian ride sharing services. Car travel uses so much fuel that it’s unaffordable if you’re driving alone. And if you don’t have a car, you need to plan several weeks in advance to get a train ticket, or take a crowded bus. In India, given that travel infrastructure is not well developed, our value proposition is about making city-to-city travel available and comfortable (especially last minute).We make sure you have a convenient and social travel experience through which you can travel city-to-city at much cheaper prices.

Be more than just another traveler

Looking for a Ride

For a user trying to hail a ride through the service, upon entering the necessary details, can contact the ride provider. The ride seeker has to enter the arrival time, departure time and the date of travel. Once the information is entered, a list of people offering rides will be shown. A user has an option to select among various people offering rides. A look on driver’s biodata, background history, reason for travelling and other details eases the process and help you choose a better companion for your journey.

Looking to offer a ride

This service requires the driver to register on their app and create profile. Go Yaar makes your car travel affordable by taking paying co-travelers on your city-to-city car journeys. You can get a companion for your journey as per your requirements. Go Yaar gives you an option to choose your favorite passengers who are willing to share a ride with you in similar direction.

Make Money while travelling

Go Yaar helps you make money while in a journey. Your co-travellers will pay you the agreed contribution during the journey as per the specified rates from both parties. Get a review for the co-traveller and share your experience with us.

our travel

Sharing a ride with a complete starnger was not something on my list of adventures. But in a certain tricky situation I had no other option but to hook up for a ride. And believe you me Go Yaar provided me with a truly unique experience that helped me make a new friend named Harpreet and made my journey and extra special one.

I came across Go Yaar through a friend of mine and after many speculations I decided to let strangers ride with me, strangers named Rajeev and Yash, who I now meet often for drinks as we found best of friendship in each other.

I often travel across cities for business but riding alone was something that really put me off from travelling. Sometimes It even got me to think about shifting my job but then a colleague of mine living in a different city intrduced me to Go Yaar and now I no longer have to travel hours alone and save on money spent on fuel making new friends each time.

I am a student who travels across city daily to attend college. However, spending most of my allowance on fuel really got me in a knot. Go Yaar is an exceptional service that helps you connect with people thereby making big on the savings.

We planned a roadtrip through Go Yaar. My buddies and myself were planning an all girls road trip but had certain apprehensions about travelling alone on the road. So we decided to Hook up rides with folks travelling to the same destination. And it was the most exciting journey we ever had.

I met my Girlfriend on ride pitched at Go Yaar. Guess Go Yaar played the role of Tinder in our lives as you can choose the person you wish to travel with. So there she was looking for a suitable ride and now we shall ride along for the rest of our lives.